GreenDroid Research Project

GreenDroid project greendroid

GreenDroid project aims to help Android developers automatically locate energy inefficiency problems in their applications. We start this project with an empirical study to identify common energy problem patterns. From this study, we identified two common patterns [1, 2]:
  1. Missing sensor or wake lock deativation
  2. Sensory data underutilization
We then desinged algorithms to automatically detect these problems by analyzing application code. We implement a prototype tool on top of Java PathFinder, a widely-used model checker for Java programs. We evaluated our tool using 13 popular real-world Android applications. Our tool detected 14 real enegy problems in these applications, and two of the detected problems were previously unknown.

In this website, you will have access to the following items:
  1. Our empirical study data
  2. Tools we developed in our work
  3. Detailed information about our implementation
  4. Detailed information about our experimental subjects and detected problems
There are chances that the data in this website are not up to date or contain errors. You can always refer to our research work or contact us if you have any questions.


  1. Yepang Liu, Chang Xu, S.C. Cheung, "GreenDroid: Automated Diagnosis of Energy Inefficiency for Smartphone Applications," in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), 2014, forthcoming.
  2. Yepang Liu, Chang Xu, and S.C. Cheung, "Where Has My Battery Gone? Finding Sensor Related  Energy Black Holes in Smartphone Applications," in Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PERCOM 2013), San Diego, California, USA, Mar 2013, pp. 2-10. [pdf][talk slides]
  3. Yepang Liu, Chang Xu, and S.C. Cheung, " Verifying Android Applications Using Java PathFinder," Technical Report HKUST-CS12-03. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sept. 2012. [pdf]

This project was supported by HKSAR RGC/GRF 611813.