DroidLeaks: A Large Collection of Resource Leak Bugs in Real-World Android Apps

DroidLeaks features 292 diverse resource leak bugs in popular and large-scale open-source Android apps. For each bug, DroidLeaks provides links to: Quick download links: (1) F-Droid apps, (2) all bugs, (3) apks, (4) compilable apps, (5) python scripts to mine resource leak bugs from code repositories

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Example Bugs

Index App name Resource class Fixing version Buggy version Source file Buggy method Bug report/pull request
1 K-9 Mail java.io.FileInputStream daeedc2222 39aa577651 Utility.java move() @line 502 Pull 112
2 AnkiDroid android.database.Cursor d095337329 ff359989da Sched.java eta() @line 2585 Pull 275
3 AnkiDroid android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase 4748c1af6e f355183d84 Anki2Importer.java run() Issue 1501


Yepang Liu, Lili Wei, Chang Xu and Shing-Chi Cheung. DroidLeaks: Benchmarking Resource Leak Bugs for Android Applications. arXiv:1611.08079. [pdf][bibtex]

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